An Overview of Lane Tech College Prep High School

Founded in 1908, Lane Technical College Prep High School is ranked #3 in public high schools in the state of Illinois, and #69 in the nation. Situated in Roscoe Village, a neighborhood on the north side of Chicago, Lane is one of eleven selective enrollment high schools in Chicago. This means students must test into the school with a high NWEA MAP score, SEHS score, and good 7th grade grades (to learn more about the selective enrollment process, see blog post from May 1, 2019). The school currently boasts an enrollment of 3,942 students, a student to teacher ratio of 21:1, and a graduation rate of 98%. Of the student population, 63% of the student body is composed of people of color, and 51% receive free or reduced lunch prices. 

In addition to its consistently high subject proficiency and college readiness, Lane offers a vast array of classes in each subject. Their science department offers everything from Robotics I and II, to Aerospace Engineering, to Meteorology in addition to the usual science classes available at high schools. The school also houses an entire computer science department with a litany of classes available for students to choose. In addition to science and technology classes, Lane also uniquely offers an immensely diverse art and English curriculum, with classes in filmmaking, printmaking, sculpture, and literary activism, argument and debate, sports communications, and women in literature, respectively. Foreign languages offered at Lane Tech include Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. To see the full scope of classes offered at Lane, visit their website:

Lastly, Lane offers opportunities for students interested in athletics as well. With 18 different sports teams to choose from, students at Lane Tech can compete in whatever they’d like. The school also uniquely offers a water polo team as well as a swim team, and they conveniently hold practices in their school’s pool. For more information about the vast athletic opportunities offered at Lane, visit their website.

Lauren Lynch, Tutoring Coordinator
(312) 848-1266