CPS Announcement Regarding NWEA MAP Testing for Non-CPS Students

With a multitude of standardized tests for students in grades 5-9, it can be difficult to keep track of which one is happening when especially since many testing windows are different for Chicago Public School (CPS) and non-Chicago Public School students. Luckily, thanks to CPS’s recent announcement regarding non-CPS testing windows, it may become a little bit simpler.

In the 2020-2021 school year (and all others moving forward), both CPS and non-CPS students alike will have the same NWEA MAP testing window: spring. This MAP test window will encompass ALL students testing to attend a selective enrollment high school, academic center or elementary school. In a letter from the CPS Office of Access and Enrollment they stated, “CPS is implementing this change so that all testing students will have completed a more similar level of instruction by the testing window, which will allow for better comparison of the student’s level of preparation for the schools to which they are applying.”

This means that all rising non-CPS 5th and 7th graders will take the NWEA MAP test in the spring of 2020 rather than in the fall of 2020. Furthermore, this will not affect rising non-CPS 6th or 8th graders who will take the NWEA MAP in the fall of 2019 for admission to an academic center or selective enrollment high school. Additionally, CPS hasn’t announced test dates yet for the NWEA MAP exam this coming fall of 2019, but it will likely be in September as it was last year. To be informed as soon as CPS releases the fall NWEA MAP test dates, subscribe to our newsletter on our homepage.

Lauren Lynch, Tutoring Coordinator
(312) 848-1266