An Overview of John Hancock College Preparatory High School

Founded in 1999 as an elementary school and then converted into a selective enrollment high school in 2002, John Hancock College Preparatory High School (also known as Hancock) is located in the West Elsdon community of the southwest side of Chicago. Hancock is ranked 217th in the state of Illinois. Enrollment at Hancock is 887 with a student to teacher ratio of 18:1. Of their total enrollment, 98% of students are people of color and 91% of students receive free or reduced-price lunch. The graduation rate of Hancock is 94%.

Courses offered at Hancock include both standard courses as well as a few which are unique to the school; these include four different law classes (encompassing criminology and pre-law), decision theory, forensic science, financial algebra, and drama. In addition, they have departments in pre-engineering and computer science, both of which are noteworthy compared to neighborhood high schools. Hancock also incorporates a wide range of AP classes, honors classes, and electives in fine arts. Languages offered are Spanish and French with an opportunity to take a class trip to Costa Rica with the Spanish class. Another uncommon program which Hancock provides is an opportunity for students to earn high school credit through an internship. Many students previously interned with Urban Alliance, Genesys Works, and more.

Athletics at Hancock include but are not limited to cross country, bowling, track and field, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Hancock has a rich tradition of sports and is decorated in Regional and Conference Championships in soccer, baseball, softball, and volleyball.

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Lauren Lynch, Tutoring Coordinator
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