High School Entrance Exam Prep Course at Test Prep Chicago

Every fall, Test Prep Chicago offers classes which encompass all three high school entrance exams: the selective enrollment high school entrance exam (SEHS), the independent school entrance exam (ISEE), and the high school placement test (HSPT). Over the course of eight weeks, students dive into the content of the tests, test-taking strategies, as well as the formatting and timing of each test. Though eight weeks may seem like a short amount of time to prepare for three tests, its an exceedingly accessible time frame given the likeness of each exam.

First, the content is exceedingly alike. Each of the tests include math (up through geometry), reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language skills (multiple choice for SEHS and HSPT, essay for ISEE). Given these similarities, students studying for any or all exams are able to work toward reviewing or learning the same concepts. Where there are a few differences, such as the essay section on the ISEE, students studying specifically for the ISEE will be provided with supplementary, exam- specific material for homework. However, since the student is engaging in language and grammar in our class, they will still be getting their fair share of in-class language and grammar prep for the ISEE. Additionally, another commonality on the tests is that there is no calculator permitted, nor is there a guessing penalty.

Next, the time permitted to take each test ranges from two hours and thirty minutes to three hours.  Accordingly, the stamina needed to build up in order to successfully take each exam is almost indistinguishable. The only exception is that the HSPT has quite a few more questions than the other two exams. Similar to the essay section with the ISEE, supplementary materials will be provided for those students who wish to work on specifically on quickly getting through many questions that the HSPT will inevitably have.

Lastly, since the formatting of each exam is slightly different, we include questions formatted in the likeness of each exam so students feel fully prepared. If our comprehensive high school entrance exam prep course sounds like the right fit for your student, visit testprepchicago.com and sign up for a prep course today!

Lauren Lynch, Tutoring Coordinator
(312) 848-1266