Teach, Practice, Apply

Our in-class materials and instruction follow our Teach-Practice-Apply approach:

  • Teach: Each new topic is clearly introduced in handouts and then explained by the teacher. Topics are presented in clear, simple terms that allow students to understand the material and succeed on the test.

  • Practice: Students practice new material on exercises designed to test comprehension.

  • Apply: Finally, students apply skills and knowledge to test questions.

Building Blocks

From our experience preparing students for high school entrance exams, we have determined that math and language skills are often organized in a confusing and arbitrary manner. We have structured our materials in a way that best facilitates learning. Our experience and research have helped us design a syllabus that allows new topics to act as building blocks for learning more advanced topics. Students will gain confidence in their own abilities, stay engaged in the material, and want to continue learning.

Practice Makes Perfect

From our backgrounds in academics, athletics, and the arts, we have learned how to compete. Be it a tennis tournament, an orchestral audition, or a standardized test, preparing the right way is critical to success. Mastery of skills requires constant repetition over time. While students learn new content in class, weekly homework assignments allow students to review and perfect math, language, reading, and vocabulary skills.


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Program Overview: Courses and Test Prep Paloozas for 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders

Courses for 8th Graders

8th grade courses start in October and November. These courses prepare students for the selective enrollment (SEHS), independent (ISEE), and parochial (HSPT) high school entrance exams. The tuition for our 8th grade courses is $455. This tuition covers all in-class instruction, material, and student feedback.

Test Prep Paloozas for 8th Graders

Test Prep Palooza sessions are a one-day "bootcamp" practice-test and workshop sessions. Students take a full 2-hour diagnostic test to start. After the test, we take a short break and enjoy some pizza (included). Afterwards, we spend the remaining time reviewing the test (question by question) and teaching key test-taking strategies and skills. Students can ask questions about topics or problem-types they may have trouble with. Parents will receive a full diagnostic report and analysis after the class (via email).

A Test Prep Palooza session runs for 4 hours and costs $145 (less than $37 an hour for instruction with pizza included). These sessions take place on the weekends and will be aligned with SEHS, HSPT, and ISEE test dates. A Test Prep Palooza is a great opportunity to take a practice test, get a refresher on key topics, learn new strategies, ask questions, and experience what an actual high school entrance exam will feel like.


Courses and Test Prep Paloozas for 7th Graders

Courses and Test Prep Paloozas for 7th graders run between February and May and prepare students for the NWEA MAP test. The tuition for our 7th grade NWEA MAP test prep course is $445. The tuition for our Test Prep MAPalooza workshop is $135.

7th grade NWEA MAP test scores (Math and Reading sections) are just as important for entrance into Selective Enrollment high schools as the 8th grade entrance exam! Start getting ready in January of 2019.


Courses and Test Prep Paloozas for 6th Graders

Courses and Test Prep Paloozas for 6th graders run between December and February and prepare students for the Academic Center Entrance Exam. The tuition for our 6th grade course is $385. The tuition for our Test Prep Palooza workshop is $145.


While Test Prep Chicago students are well prepared and usually perform strongly on their standardized test exams, Test Prep Chicago does not guarantee any specific amount of improvement.