An Overview of George Westinghouse College Preparatory High School

Located in East Garfield Park in the west side of Chicago, George Westinghouse College Preparatory High School was established in 1970. The school resided in what was originally a candy factory which opened in 1932. Though it was converted in the late ‘60s into a vocational high school, it remained to be one of the largest examples of the Chicago School architectural style. However, in 2009, the school opened in a new, $106.5 million building that houses both the original vocational school as well as the selective enrollment side of the high school. Westinghouse, named after American entrepreneur and engineer George Westinghouse, is ranked #28 in the state of Illinois and #574 in the nation. Its enrollment is 1,151 with a student to teacher ratio of 18:1. Of its total enrollment, 98% of students are people of color, and 81% of students receive free or reduced-price lunch. Westinghouse also boasts an impressive graduation rate of 99%.

Westinghouse offers an array of different courses to suit the needs of all students. Their science department, in particular, is vast, offering a challenging course load for students looking to pursue science in college. They have more standard science classes as well as engineering, civil engineering, environmental science, mechanics of physics, and courses in medical health professions. Their social science department is also of note, as they offer exciting specialty classes such as civics, ethnic studies, psychology, and European history in addition to more conventional courses. World languages offered at Westinghouse include Spanish, Chinese, and French.

Westinghouse uniquely offers full courses of study in all the fine arts (music, visual arts, and drama). The departments also include more specialized classes such as guitar, or studio mixed media. Additionally, the school has many classes in web design, video production, and broadcast journalism available. Students can also elect to take JROTC or several different kinds of PE classes for their physical education credit. Westinghouse also has several different sports teams for which students can try-out including but not limited to basketball, softball, wrestling, tennis, cheerleading, and chess. The school is also one of the only selective enrollment high schools which has a football team. Westinghouse’s basketball teams are also some of the most decorated in the city, winning a variety of championships.

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