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New Point Calculators for Selective Enrollment High Schools and Academic Centers

Are you tired of manually attempting to calculate the necessary scores your child needs to get into the school of their choice? Well, good news is about to come your way. Test Prep Chicago recently unveiled a new feature: a free point calculator for both selective enrollment high schools and academic centers. You can find this easy-to-use feature on our homepage. To try it, click the point calculator button for either selective enrollment high schools or academic centers, and the website will redirect you to our calculation page.

Once on the calculation page, you can enter your student’s percentiles for both math and reading on the NWEA MAP test. After that, you can enter your student’s 5th or 7th grade grades and select which socio-economic tier in which you live. Once that information is entered, click the “calculate” button.

The calculator will then show you the points your student has earned based on their MAP score and their 5th or 7th grade grades. Underneath your student’s points earned, you can access their points needed based on the above scores, your tier neighborhood, and the scores required for different selective enrollment high schools or academic centers based on last year’s cutoff scores. This includes a breakdown of the minimum score required, exam points needed, as well as the exam score needed (on the AC exam or SEHS).

To try Test Prep Chicago’s point calculator now, visit our website’s homepage at

Lauren Lynch, Tutoring Coordinator
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